What shoes look best with skinny jeans

What shoes look best with skinny jeans?

Overknees, boots, chunky boots, sock boots … which shoes look best with skinny jeans? With the large selection of winter shoes, it is not always easy to find the right pair to skinny jeans. Although the trend is increasingly moving away from skinny and towards wide leg jeans, it’s hard to imagine our everyday outfits without skinny jeans. Today on the fashion blog there are a few styling tips, which shoes look best with skinny jeans and how you can combine them easily.

1. Sockboots

Let’s start with my favorite combination – skinny jeans and sock boots! These shoes go especially well with skinny jeans, as the narrow shaft flatters the ankle and calf and creates a smooth transition. What you should pay attention to, however, is that you choose shoes with a firmer shaft, so that there are no marks through the jeans. Another option would be to roll up the pants a little bit. A styling tip, a black skinny jeans in combination with black sock boots makes the legs look infinitely long, great for photos. Here is a small selection of beautiful sock boots:

2. Knee high boots

Boots that end just before the knee are also ideal with skinny jeans. Color-wise, you should coordinate the skinny jeans with the shoes. So to the light skinny jeans always a pair of knee-high boots in a light shade or even in the same colors. The same goes for dark shades of course. For some variety, a mix of materials can make the outfit more stylish. Boots in leather look and a pair of cotton jeans- great for the winter.

3. Overknee boots

A very popular shoe for the winter are overknees. In this case, the same rules apply as with the knee-high boots, preferably the same color tone, but in this case I would do without a material mix. By the way, you can also visually lengthen the legs here, for example, with a black skinny jeans and black overknees to it.

4. Chunky Boots

Chunky boots are one of the trend shoes in the winter of 2020 – I have already revealed a few models and styling tips to you in this post. The chunky boots with high platform are super suitable for the combination with skinny jeans, because they make the leg look narrower. A cool combination is with socks that peek out especially well fit socks with contrast stripes to it.

In the future I will publish a post about which shoes go best with wide leg jeans. Would you be interested in such a contribution? 🙂

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