Blazer trends 2022 – These are the most beautiful blazers and this is how we wear them!

Blazer trends 2022 – These are the most beautiful blazers and so we wear you!

Blazers are part of the workday for some, for others it is a fashion trend statement and for some women a sign of empowerment. The well-known saying clothes make the man definitely applies to some and in everyday life you quickly realize that you often evaluate other people based on their outfits and perceive them differently. Blazers are 2022 perfect combination partners for a job interview, important business meetings or a contract appointment. However, the blazer trends 2022 are also a great styling partner for everyday life, how to combine a blazer cool and casual in everyday life, I have already shown you on the fashion blog. Finally, check out the fashion blog reading tip for styling ideas with the blazer trends 2022.

1. Tweed blazer – the elegant, feminine blazer trend with a little French chic

Very feminine and at the same time very elegant is the next blazer trend – 2022 we wear again tweed blazer. They are super for festive occasions and are best combined with dresses or skirts. The trend blazers look especially nice with midi and maxi skirts. These are the current favorites:

2. The cool blazer trend 2022 for bold – leather blazers are absolutely IN!

Leather blazers or blazers in leather look belong to the blazer trends 2022, which are not meant for’s office. These blazers are there for cool street style looks and look great with wide jeans and sneakers. With a pair of fancy sunglasses and a simple shoulder bag you can create a Y2K look that is absolutely trendy in 2022.

3. Colorful blazers are the fashion trend for 2022!

The main motto of the fashion trends 2022 is called colorful! This trend also does not stop at the blazer trends 2022. Combining colorful blazers is a lot of fun and you quickly create an exciting look for everyday life. Especially popular among the blazer trends 2022 are the colors pink and purple, for the coming fall, it may also be yellow and dark green times.

4. How should the blazer trends 2022 sit ? Oversized blazers go down best

What shape are the blazer trends 2022? All blazer trends for 2022 fit oversized and run a little larger. If you still want to focus on the waist, which is absolutely IN this year, you should combine a cool belt over the oversized blazer. Otherwise, we style oversized blazers with leggings or skinny jeans and lace-up boots for everyday wear.

5. Blazer trend 2022 – linen blazer in beige & cream

Linen blazers are also among the blazer trends in autumn 2022! Linen blazer in beige and cream we combine in autumn with muted colors, white and black, but also a colorful eye-catcher. For a cool look with this blazer trend you can style an outfit with neutral shades and add a bag in pink and sneakers with colorful details. These blazers are outfit all-rounders:

6. A blazer trend that won’t just stay in 2022 – Invest in a plaid blazer

With a plaid blazer you are always well equipped, whether in the office or in everyday life! Plaid blazers are not only in the year 2022 to the blazer trends, this trend we still wear into next year. With straight cut pants and a blouse you are perfectly styled.

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