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Make curls last longer – Styling tips and care products for curls all day

Beautiful, big waves or fine bouncy curls, with a straightener or curling iron you get it super. This takes a little practice, but then the perfect look to the outfit is ready. But you also want to have something from the #Goodhairday for a long time! Make your curls last longer with these styling tips. Of course, every hair texture is different, but for straight to wavy hair, these tips to make curls last longer definitely work.

The right protection & Prepare with mousse and heat protection

Before you start styling, use a heat protectant to protect your hair. You can and should always use this before you apply heat to your hair, whether blow-drying or curling. If you add a mousse to your hair before curling, your curls will last longer. The mousse acts like a hairspray that you can put in the hair before styling and that helps to make the curls last longer.

The right curling iron or straightener to make your curls last longer

The right hairstyling product also plays a decisive role in curling. With a straightener you get large, barely defined curls and with a curling iron you can turn finely defined curls. With a curling iron the curls are longer lasting and more defined and you have the advantage that you can fluff the curls afterwards and then get an extra look with wavy hair. So I’m going to show you the current best curling irons:

Different curling iron thicknesses for different styling results

An important point is the thickness of the curling iron, the thinner the rod, the finer curls you get and these curls are then also longer durable. But my tip is to also consider buying a whole curling iron set with different attachments. If you often try different hairstyles, this is very worthwhile. I actually have 2 curling irons from GHD in 2 different sizes, which I use alternately and then shake up my curls as desired.

Pin your curls to cool them down and make them last longer

A very important styling tip to make the curls last longer, does not cost much and is super effective! Use a hair clip to pin your curl to your scalp while it cools or if you need to do it quickly, let it cool in your hand for a few seconds. This works wonders!

Use enough of the right hairspray

Hairspray fixes your curls and gives a long hold, but there are some brands where the hair gets sticky and frizzy. With the right hairspray, your curls will last even longer, so you’ll still have soft, curly hair even the next day. I had the best experience with these hair sprays:

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