Elegant winter outfit and styling tips for a chic look

Elegant winter outfit and styling tips for a chic look

Elegant, chic and stylish – with a few simple tips and tricks your outfit looks well combined every day, without you having to make a lot of effort. For an elegant outfit basic parts are the most important, because they form the basis for every look. If you are looking for great basics for an elegant look, you will definitely find them at Street One. Elegant clothes you can combine and wear all year round for different occasions. I reveal my elegant winter outfit and the best styling tips in today’s fashion post.

Styling tips for an elegant look

1. Muted colors

Muted colors that combine well with each other are an important point for an elegant look. The typical winter colors like black, gray, brown, blue and beige are easy to combine anyway, so stick to these colors for your winter outfit and add some variety to your look by mixing materials.

2. High quality materials

To meet the expectations of an elegant look, you should choose only high-quality materials. cotton, silk, satin, cashmere and linen are the perfect partners. But also make sure that no threads are still on, no lint builds up and the overall look is neat, tidy and elegant.

3. Shoe classics

For the perfect outfit, you also need the right pair of shoes, with the typical Classic shoes you do everything right for your elegant winter outfit. Shoe classics include black ankle boots, leather-look boots and loafers. The only important thing is that there are as few details as possible on the shoes, such as laces, buckles or rivets. A clean look is perfect for a chic look.

  • Elegant winter outfit and styling tips for a chic look
  • Elegant winter outfit and styling tips for a chic look
  • Elegant winter outfit and styling tips for a chic look

4. Coat instead of jacket

In winter, the whole look should be coherent, so for an elegant winter outfit you should rather go to the Coat or Blazer grab a jacket instead of a jacket. An elegant jacket is the Camel Coat, especially nice are fitted coats.

5. Decent jewelry

Discreet jewelry often looks more elegant and high quality, because precious metals are high priced and with expensive jewelry rather little material is used. In addition, the look is coherent and not too extravagant. Decent jewelry is suitable for many occasions and sets beautiful details in the outfit.

6. Make up, hair and nails care

A well-groomed impression from head to toe is important for an elegant look. A Face mask, a Manicure and a discreet make up round off any outfit. Elegant hairstyles include a low-set ponytail, a half-open hairstyle and a chignon. All hairstyles look very classy.

My elegant winter outfit with satin skirt and knit sweater

Satin has the great advantage that the material looks high quality and elegant and is super inexpensive. That’s why I chose this light pink satin skirt for my elegant winter outfit. I paired it with a knit sweater in a similar shade. A tone – in tone combination is for an elegant look in wintera good combination option. In addition, I wear classic shoes in black and tights, as these always look more elegant with a skirt.

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