Shoe trends fall 2022 – These are the trend shoes and so we wear you in the fall winter! Whitelil

Shoe trends fall 2022 – These are the trend shoes and so we wear you in the fall & winter!

Glossy loafers – The business shoe trend for fall and winter 2022

Loafers are a must have for many fashion bloggers, but these shoes every woman should have in her closet. Glossy loafers with a patent look and cool chain details are part of the Schutrends 2022, with them every look looks much more elegant. They combine super well with the business wardrobe and are the perfect alternative to sneakers. You can combine the shoe trend glossy loafers in autumn 2022 super with fabric pants, pager bag pants and a long coat.

In autumn 2022 we wear beige boots

In terms of color, beige is way out in front as far as fall shoe trends 2022 are concerned. Whether it’s lace-up boots, sock boots or hiking boots, you’re right on target with cream, natural tones and beige. Beige is great to combine with many clothing items. To this shoe trend 2022 we wear in the fall blue jeans, black paperbag pants or even midi and maxi skirts.

In 2022 chunky boots are one of the shoe trends for winter

Boots are allowed to be a bit chunkier in fall 2022. High heels in chunky look are the shoe trend for 2022. The high heels keep the feet warm and are usually very comfortable. Especially cool look the chunky boots in the fall in combination with tights and a dress / skirt, or with a Wide Leg Jeans. This cool fall 2022 shoe trend comes in a variety of shapes and colors, and these are the current favorites:

Shoe trend 2022 – Cowboy Boots

Yes, cowboy boots are one of the trend shoes for fall 2022. Whether this shoe trend remains for a long time is not yet sure, but who loves the style can now wear all cowboy boots and is absolutely in trend. You can create an interesting look by combining the cowboy boots with a white or cream pleated skirt. The style break makes for a beautiful look that goes well with a number of occasions. Try not to overdo the look, so ripped shorts, and hat to the fall shoe trend 2022 cowboy boots are not a good choice. But elegant pieces in chic combination perfectly fit the fashion trends in autumn 2022.

Hiking boots – This shoe trend 2022 we wear not only for hiking

Walking boots are one of the footwear trends for fall 2022! They are not only practical, now you are also perfect for everyday life by small additional details. Hiking boots with fur in dark and beige are now the trend shoes for a cool look. This shoe trend will be seen more and more in the stores in the fall of 2022 and you will be worth it, especially on grubby autumn days they are the perfect companions!

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