Sunglasses trends 2022 – These are the sunglasses trends and so we wear you!

Sunglasses trend 2022 – Butterfly sunglasses

Butterfly sunglasses are as the name suggests shaped like butterflies. The Butterfly sunglasses replace the Cat Eye glasses this year and fit every face shape and are a real eye catcher. You should definitely check out these models:

The sunglasses trend 2022 – Black sunglasses

We always like to go back to our classics and this year black sunglasses are a must have. The simple sunglasses in black you can wear every day and combine with many styles. Also the glazing should be in black for an elegant look.

Tortoise and tortoise are the trend patterns for sunglasses

Patterned sunglasses also make it onto the sunglasses trend list in 2022. Tortoiseshell and tortoise patterns are especially popular. These sunglasses fit every skin tone and can also be combined super with any outfit. There should only not be too much pattern mix with the rest of the outfit, otherwise they are super easy to combine and mega stylish.

XL sunglasses are super trendy for 2022

In sunglasses 2022, the bigger the better. XXL sunglasses we will see more and more often and all trends are available in designs in extra large. The sunglasses not only protect from the sun, but become a real statement piece. Fashionistas and stars have been doing it for a long time, the ultra-large glasses are especially cool with casual outfits with sweatpants and shirt.

Sunglasses Trend 2022 -Shield Sunglasses

Quite spaced out – not everyone has these sunglasses and also not everyone can wear them. The shield sunglasses or space sunglasses are a big trend for 2022. The futuristic style is bold and stylish and can enhance any simple outfit. Can wear very well

Slender sunglasses- the cool sunglasses trend 2022

These sunglasses are the trend for fashion girls. Slender sunglasses, that is, the narrow rectangular sunglasses that Gigi and Bella Hadid rock, are the sunglasses trend 2022. In complete contrast to XXL glasses, they come across as discreet, elegant and retro, but remain IN all year round. Depending on your mood you can switch between XXL glasses and slender sunglasses.

Sunglasses trends 2022 – Frameless sunglasses

Frameless sunglasses are a completely different style, also reminiscent of looks from long ago. These sunglasses were already a big trend in 2010, now they are experiencing their revival. You can combine these also super in retro style, because retro is absolutely IN, whether retro shoes or clothes.

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