The white shirt – the perfect companion for late summer autumn

The white shirt – the perfect companion for late summer / autumn

The perfect companion for late summer and autumn is the white shirt. Because hardly any piece of clothing can be combined so versatile and integrated super into everyday life. It is perfect for any occasion with the right styling and can also be stylishly combined in the office, z.B a white shirt with bob collar. The white shirt is one of the fall basics you should invest in, and with these basics you should pay attention to quality so that you have something for a long time, since these garments are worn much more often in the season.

The classic shirt and what combinations are possible

The classic shirt with button placket and collar can be styled differently and combined according to the occasion. In summer, the shirt can be thrown over as a jacket in everyday life or tied loosely around the waist. In autumn and winter I prefer to wear it under a cozy sweater. With midi skirt and rolled up sleeves and lots of jewelry, the white shirt is also suitable for a festive occasion. A classic shirt for your closet you can store here:

Shirt trend 2020 – shirt with bobo collar

Of course, with this popular garment, there is also this year 2020 a model that is particularly trendy. The white shirt with bob collar celebrates this year revival. The collars with lace, ruffles and co. perfect for the blouse under sweater look and spice up a boring office look. If you want to showcase the bob collar combine a white shirt with a dark sweater. Here are a few white shirts with bob collars:

Shirt or blouse?

In the question of shirt or blouse, the difference must first be clarified. The shirt is often associated with men’s fashion and this is reflected in the cut, so shirts are usually wider and not as figure-hugging as blouses. Shirts form rather a generic term under which also blouses fall. Blouses usually fall lighter and sometimes have a slight sheen. They can also be made of transparent material, like organza blouses and they come in different prints. A small collage shows again the difference:

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