Poppy fields in Germany – Here are the most beautiful poppy fields and when is the blooming time of the Moh

The blooming time of poppies and when you should best plan your visit to the poppy field in Germany

The best time to enjoy the great sight of red blooming poppy fields is in the early summer season. The flowering time of the poppy is from June to July and then you also get the best Instagram photos in one of the beautiful poppy fields there.

These are the most beautiful poppy fields in Germany

  • Poppy fields in Germany – Poppy blossoms in Frau Holle Land – Kassel – Here are even guided walks to the poppy fields possible
  • Poppy fields in Germany – Aindling near Augsburg, as well as Augsburg Haunstetten (between the allotments and Haunstetten forest) and Königsbronn
  • Island of Rügen on the linden road near the village Nardevitz
  • Erlenbacher oil mill near Heilbronn

Beautiful photo ideas in poppy fields

Need a little inspiration for the perfect photo in one of the most beautiful poppy fields in Germany? As for the outfit I would go for a dress, the feminine look fits perfectly with the flowers and poppies. Color contrasts make absolute eye-catchers out of your photos, to the red poppies yellow fits very well as a contrast and for more subdued looks you should choose a white or pink dress, this fits perfectly with the poppy fields.

As for posing, there are a few standard poses that go with any field of flowers and even with a field of poppies. Reach out and lightly cup your hands over the poppies, you can turn, walk away from the camera or look up at the sun.

What you should keep in mind for a photo shoot in the poppy field

Try not to destroy the poppy fields during your photo shoot, at many poppy fields in Germany there are walkways you can use and in case of emergency you can use Photoshop afterwards to copy some poppies to it. It’s going to get dirty, especially if it rained the night before, so watch out for long dresses and your shoes and don’t take your most expensive shoes to the poppy field.

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