Mega Shopping -Autbeute I Outlet City Metzingen

Mega Shopping -Autbeute I Outlet City Metzingen

As I already reported in the last post, my fitness motivation has returned. To keep this motivation up, new sports stuff had to be shopped for. As a shopping destination, Metzingen was high on my list for sportswear, because there are great bargains here. Today I want to show you my shopping haul, recommend a few stores and give tips around the outlet city.

The best stores for sportswear ..

.. are in my opinion the Nike and Adidas Store. Here is a great selection of reduced clothing, shoes and bags. Whereby the Nike store has a slightly larger selection, especially when it comes to shoes. Here, too, there are often cool promotions, this time, for example, 30% extra on the cheapest already reduced children’s shoe. I then took a fitness tight, running pants, sports shoes and a shirt. The pants are opaque, the shirt breathable and the shoes light and comfortable- I’m super happy with the price-performance ratio.

sportswear shopping metzingen outlet city nike adidas puma

There is still a Puma store across from Nike. Dorrt I also tried on a few parts, but visually there was nothing that I particularly liked. Also, the clothes look like remnants from 3 years ago. At the moment Puma has really great pieces in their assortment, for example Pamela Reif advertises them.

Nike running pants 42€

Fitness thight 33€

Shopping & Sales on top

Let’s talk about the real bargains. After all, the reason for an outlet visit is to grab a mega bargain. If you are in Metzingen
,then look absolutely times in the Levi’s past. It’s a small store that’s always busy, a bit chaotic, but it’s always worth it. Here there is always times the action Buy 2 pants for 120€, this time even additional offer for the purchase of 3 pants you pay only 170€. That means 57€ for a pair of pants. The offer is of course great if you are out with someone and you are looking for pants together. I got these blue jeans instead of for 100€ for only 57€. This promotion is still running at the moment, so if you’re in the area, check it out there.

There are of course many more opportunities to make good bargains. I also like to go to Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Hugo Boss, Guess etc. The best deals you make on event days, for us it was the Extra Shoppingtime Day on 01.06. In many stores there was again extra discount on already reduced parts. But it can also get really crowded on such days, who cares about that, should have been between the opening time at 10 to 12 o’clock in the most important stores. I would avoid Saturday afternoon completely, as there are also extremely many tourists here and it can get very crowded. During the week, on the other hand, you usually have empty stores and the most relaxed shopping day.

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