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Wrap a gift voucher beautifully – this is how you wrap a gift voucher lovingly and personally

Vouchers are a great gift idea for Christmas. But many have the thought that a voucher seems too impersonal. But there are so many great ways to package even a simple gift card lovingly and beautifully. For this post I have picked out 5 great ideas to wrap your voucher beautifully and surprise your loved ones with it. You are still looking for a gift that you can order online and that will be delivered quickly? Then check out these 50 gift ideas for Christmas.

1. A voucher surprise box

How cute is this idea! A gift box that when you open it, a little balloon rises out of it and a gift certificate hangs from it. I have seen this idea over and over again on Pinterest and find the surprise effect super. This idea can be used to give cash gifts as well as gift certificates. What you need everything for this beautiful gift packaging, I have linked you here once. Get a gift box that will fit your helium-filled balloon and tie a gift card to the balloon. Super easy and is suitable for birthday, wedding or baptism as a gift.

2. Gift certificate in a picture frame

3D picture frames are perfect for stylish DIY decoration ideas, but they are also great for wrapping a gift certificate beautifully. Thereby each picture frame can be completely customized. The space between the back of the picture frame and the glass is great for small gift, such as snacks, a string of lights and Polaroid pictures.

3. Gift certificate in a jar

You’re looking for a way to package your gift certificate beautifully and cheaply at the same time? Or you are late and need a last minute idea for a nice gift certificate wrapping? Then I have just the right thing for you! Take an old jar and clean it thoroughly, then you can put your gift certificate inside and fill the jar with candy. If you have a little more time you can also get very creative, check out these great ideas.

4. Shake map

The most beautiful way to pack a voucher is a shake card. At least for girls and women, because the glittery cards make our hearts beat faster. The cards are easy to make yourself and here you will find everything you need:

Simply sew up 3 sides with a sewing machine or by hand, fill in confetti and small decorative pieces, put in the gift certificate and sew up the open side as well.

5. Personal, heartfelt, beautiful

The last idea simply refers to catering to the interests or hobbies of the person receiving the gift, as well as the gift certificate. If the person likes to travel, you can print a world map & cut it out and stick it on the bottom of a cardboard box. Or does the person love make up, then you can put this beauty chocolate to the voucher. If there’s a move coming up and you’re crafty, check out this cool gift certificate packaging idea for an Ikea gift certificate.

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