Pinterest Outfit – This outfit idea pops up the most on Pinterest

Pinterest Outfit – This outfit idea appears most often on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place to go for outfit inspiration and styling tips. If I don’t know what to wear or before photo shoots I get inspiration on Pinterest for matching outfits. There are countless Pinterest outfits on the platform for different occasions and for different styles, but if you look at the most popular Pinterest outfit ideas, there is one style that always stands out. A style that is most loved and shared by fashionistas, bloggers, instagrammers and regular women and girls. I’ve linked you the key pieces for this Pinterest outfit style today and how to style the outfit to go with it.

Pinterest Outfit – This is the Pinterest style for a cool, casual outfit

It’s a relaxed, cool style that every woman knows and has worn at least once and you don’t need many clothes for it. The make up and the hair can also be relaxed, but for the perfect Pinterest outfit a perfect eyeliner line can’t be missing. The style is a mix of sporty, chic and modern with some elements of the current fashion trends. It is important that the look remains practical and therefore we combine it with a small backpack and as far as jewelry is concerned, only simple small basics. If you want to try the Pinterest style, you only need these parts:

These are the clothes you need for your Pinterest outfit

The most important piece of clothing in the Pinterest outfit is a pair of baggy jeans, for this you can use a pair of mom jeans or boyfriend jeans that fit a little wider or even a little too big. If the jeans are too big at the waist, wear a belt with them and feel free to “ruffle” the waistband a bit. Now for the Pinterest outfit, we combine a white tight tank top and a loose oversized cardigan or light jacket over it. Alternatively, you can also wear an oversized sweater for the Pinterest outfit, especially on colder days. The whole Pinterest look is baggy, relaxed and cool. The best shoe choice to go with your Pinterest outfit and baggy jeans are white sneakers with a platform heel.

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