Favorite handbag the bag trends for fall winter 2021

Favorite handbag & the bag trends for the fall / winter 2021

My favorite handbag? This is not an easy question to answer, because depending on the outfit I go for different styles. There are a few models that I like the most in everyday life, because they are practical and can be combined well. But my favorite bag is the one I only unwrap on special occasions. Why I like you so much? It’s classic and timeless, has an emotional value for me and can be combined with just about any look.

Bag trends 2021 for the fall/ winter

One reason why I like exactly this bag so much is the emotional value, because it was a gift. I got to pick them out and chose a timeless model that goes with many outfits and events and never goes out of style. 2 of the bag trends for fall/ winter 2021 are also reflected in this classic bag. Which are I tell you now!

1. Bags with chain details

Handbags with shoulder chains are absolutely IN this year and maybe you already own a bag with this cool detail. Especially trendy are bags with large slider chains, for example a clutch, which you can then chicly combine with a powersuit and casually hold in your hand. Chain details are not new, however, in the jewelry sector we also find this style more and more often, in this post you will learn more about it –

2. Leather/imitation leather quilted bags

Quilted leather or faux leather bags are also a big bag trend for fall/winter 2021. It does not matter for the quality whether the handbag is made of real or “fake” leather. If you can’t do without leather, then second hand stores are a good alternative to the store. Quilted bags look great with long coats and knitted sweaters, especially in autumn/winter, and give a cool look to any basic outfit.

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