Leo print – how to combine the leopard pattern I styling tips

Leo print I How to style the leopard pattern in everyday life

It will be animal – Animal print has its great revival in the fall of 2018 and will accompany us even into the new year. Whether snake print, tiger pattern or the leo print, the choice of animal prints is great. There are so many ways to combine a garment in leo pattern. Since we are offered a wide range of the most diverse garments in the leopard pattern. In addition to skirts, coats and blouses, shoes and bags are also addicted to the trend pattern. Today I want to give you styling tips for the perfect everyday look, as well as evening style and show you my look.

What goes with the leopard pattern- colors, cuts, accessories

Styling tips for everyday life! Also in everyday life you can perfectly stage the leo look without being too obtrusive. With the colors one sets best on beige and brown tones and picks up so the color tones of the pattern again. Even though in 2018 the trend is leaning towards long skirts and oversized coats in leo patterns, you should take it down a notch for your everyday look. Blouses, short skirts, bags, shoes or even clothes with leo lettering, these parts are perfect for an everyday style. You need more outfit inspiration?-Last week I put together a couple of everyday outfits.

For a perfect evening look! Gold is the best accessory for the leo look. If you rely on discreet jewelry in the trend color gold for your everyday look, you can quietly put on a little more jewelry in the evening. For the night look, you may then quietly put on larger leo-print parts. Wonderful to the leo pattern you can combine garments in leather look. For this just combine a leather skirt with a leo blouse or a leather jacket over the dress in leopard print.

How I wear the leo print in my everyday life

The leopard pattern combines a few factors that I love in clothes- gold fits perfectly, pattern and the colors beige, brown and black. Therefore, it was clear to me, this trend I want to join. In my closet finally made it a wrap blouse in leo pattern. I have been looking for a long time for a piece that is suitable for everyday and evening wear. Color-wise I styled the look quite simply in black and with flared jeans, boots and Baker Boy cap. In addition, I have set accents with accessories in gold and rounded off the leo look.

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