10 fashion basics for the perfect business look – tips for an office outfit in winterSpring – White

These 10 business fashion basics you need for winter/ Spring

To get through the winter / spring fashion conscious, you can follow some of the styling tips on the fashion blog. I show you layering tips, outfit ideas for the office and different styling ideas for different seasons and today fitting for the new year. So you can start motivated and fashionable in your job in the new year. It’s mainly about the absolute fashion basics for your perfect office outfit. These are the basic pieces you should have in your closet to find the right clothes for the office, especially in winter it can be more difficult.

A Cloth pants can be combined with many parts and also looks great with winter parts, especially well can be combined with pants in black and beige in winter / spring. A well-fitting pants in black or beige is essential for a great spring and winter office look. Just like this white shirt, it’s perfect for any layering look and when worn under a beautiful Cashmere sweater looks out it always looks elegant. Boots are the perfect combination partner for pants, jeans, skirts and dresses, you should definitely have a good, high-quality pair among your fashion basics. Blazer are not only trendy and have long been one of the fashion basics for any business look, the right model can also emphasize the figure great.

1. Fabric pants beige or black

2.White shirt

3. High quality knitwear/cashmere sweater



These fashion basics will always help you find the perfect office outfit and provide variety!

Trenchcoats are elegant and chic and therefore great for the office. In zwiebellook they also keep super warm. With one Winter skirt or Knit dress you bring variety into your business look, with thermal tights you stay warm in the office, if you shiver a little otherwise. A chic and elegant shoes are Loafers, the shoes look great with the coat and with a fur sole also the feet stay warm on cold days. At the end belongs a Long, cuddly cardigan to my fashion basics for the perfect business look, it should be easy to combine colors, so I prefer models in beige, black and gray.

6. trench coat/ wool coat

7. Winter skirt

8. knitted dress/winter dress

9. Loafers

10. Long cardigan

Office basics that make your business look even more stylish

A great briefcase or handbag for the office can also highlight an outfit, especially with a business look the overall picture must be right. Also winter accessories for the office outfit are allowed, on the way to the office, you should not freeze. The trend here is for high-quality accessories with designer logos and made of high-quality materials. Just do not leave the beautiful fashion basics in the office or on the way home! Discreet jewelry is also one of the fashion basics for the perfect winter office outfit, because we usually keep a low profile in terms of color when it comes to clothing. But can enhance any business look with a few nice, high-quality pieces of jewelry.

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