Vacation in Bavaria 5 reasons to visit Füssen this year

Vacation in Bavaria 5 reasons to visit Füssen this year

Füssen, the city of castles! In and around Füssen there are 3 castles that deserve a visit. Which castles are and what else there is to discover in Füssen I tell you in today’s travel post on the blog. Whether for a weekend getaway, vacation with the whole family or for a day, Füssen is definitely a place in Bavaria that has a lot to offer and where you can create beautiful memories. And since just long journeys are not possible, the vacation in Bavaria offers itself very well. So here we go with 5 reasons why you should still visit Füssen this year.

1. Neuschwanenstein Castle

The wonderful fairytale castle attracts 1.5 million visitors every year and is one of the most famous sights in Germany. The castle can be visited all year round in combination with a guided tour. Since the castle is very popular with tourists tickets must be reserved in advance. The fame reaches the castle near Füssen probably also, since it served Disney as inspiration and so the fairy tale castle of Cinderella was created. If you want to visit the castle in the south of Bavaria and be enchanted, you can do it from 15,5€.

2. Hohenschwangau Castle

While we are on the subject of castles in and around Füssen, here is the next castle Hohenschwangau. The castle is located next to Neuschwanenstein Castle in Hohenschwangau near Füssen and can be visited separately or in combination with Neuschwanenstein Castle. Combitickets are available on the homepage. Below the castles is the Museum of the Kings, this and the magnificent interior of Hohenschwangau Castle, are worth a trip and au Tripadvisor you can book your tour:

3. Hopfensee

The Hopfensee is located a few kilometers north of Füssen and attracts many visitors every year. The Voralpensee is very popular with campers who come to fish, swim, sail, windsurf, play volleyball, mini golf, but is also very popular with cyclists and hikers. The beautiful nature that surrounds the lake belonging to Füssen offers a place to relax and the beautiful views, including the Neuschwanenstein Castle make this place perfect for a vacation.

4. High castle

As announced, there is a third castle, this one is located directly in the city of Füssen. When walking through the romantic streets of Füssen, a little detour at the castle is a good idea. The castle is located a little higher and can already be admired from the other side of the river Lech. The entrance fee is with 6€ relatively low, but the guided tour is a bit shorter.

5. Lechfall

After your exploration of Füssen, you should take a walk to the Lech Falls. The Lechfall Geotope is located just 10 minutes from the High Castle in Füssen and can be visited for free. Every day the water masses from the alps flow 12m into the depth and offer a nature spectacle by the 5 steps. Bring a small picnic blanket and snacks, because on the other side of the bridge you can have a great picnic and listen to the water.

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