Sweater over dress – How I combine a dress with sweater!

Sweater over dress – How I combine a dress with sweater?!

Spring is the perfect season for layering! One of my favorite looks is combining dress with sweater. Even though I don’t wear this style very often, it’s a style that is fashionable and elegant and just perfect for the transitional season. As soon as the first rays of sun warm up the earth, the desire for spring / summer dresses increases. So that you can wear your favorite dress also in spring, it offers itself to wear a sweater over the dress. But what is the best way to combine the dress with sweater? With these styling tips, you’re sure to pull off the layering look!

This is how I combine a dress with sweater

For outfits in general I prefer to combine a look with colors from the same color family. This creates a color-coordinated look, which is great for days when you do not want to stand out too much. This style is perfect for a picnic or meeting with your best friend. With colorful print I provide then now and then for fresh spring vibes. I love the combination with floral print! Since I have a lot of dresses with floral prints, I combine only plain sweaters with them for a stylish look. The sweater-over-dress layering is a bit more difficult here and you should definitely choose a sweater with the dress in which one of the print colors is repeated.

The shoe determines the sweater over dress – style

Let’s not forget the shoes, because they determine how I combine the whole look with the dress and sweater. High heels and you have a great outfit for a festive occasion and do not have to buy an extra jacket / coat for your dress. With sneakers or sandals the look looks casual and suitable for everyday life. Add boots and booties and you can create a cowgirl look. Depending on the model, you can create any look by the right combination of these three elements dress, sweater and shoes.

Turn your sweater into a cropped sweater with this simple trick

Is the sweater too long for the dress or you just want the sweater to sit above the dress at the waist so that the figure does not go down? Then take a small hair tie and knot your sweater or pin the sweater to the dress from the inside.

In cold weather: wear cycling shorts or leggings under the dress

The sweater over dress combo I prefer to wear on a warm spring or summer day. So actually I wear the dress and take the sweater with me and when it gets colder, I use the layering principle and pull the sweater over the dress. But on some days the weather doesn’t suit me and so I can wear my stylish combo anyway, I put a pair of cycling shorts or leggings underneath the dress.

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