How to always know what to wear! kidney I

How to always know what to wear! 4.Combine

Today we have the 4. and last part of the series “How you always know what to wear” on fashionblog. If you follow the steps of the last 3 blog posts, then it’s now time to combine. How to combine an outfit super easy, what to look for and how combining colors and fabrics will help you always look stylish. After reading this post on combining, be sure to also check out the last parts on the blog!

Combining colors – Choosing the right hue

When it comes to the combination of colors, we distinguish between the basic tones and pulsating colors. Basic shades include beige, white, black, gray and blue, we combine these colors almost daily in our outfits, such as a blue jeans with white T-shirt. These colors look very elegant and can be combined with each other in many ways. These colors are also suitable as the basis of our outfit and you can wonderfully combine stronger shades with them. If you want to put your outfit together, just combine a white shirt and blue jeans with a red leather jacket. Or you can combine beige pants with mustard yellow shirt and a denim jacket. There are many more ways to combine an outfit and choose the right color, you should wear what you like. But with the above procedure you are always on the safe side and stylishly dressed.

Conceal and emphasize & Combining tight and loose clothing respectively

Conceal and emphasize

The fact that black clothes make you look slimmer is already well known. With the color play and the right combination you can emphasize your assets even more and conceal your problem areas. To conceal you should combine dark clothes and you want to highlight your slender legs, for example, then a pair of light pants in the colors beige or white sets the legs great in scene. Not only does it play a role when combining, but also when shopping, with a little skill you can buy the clothes that suit you best. This is how I found the perfect pair of jeans for me, if you want a blog post about it let me know?!

Tight fitting and loose clothing

We follow a similar principle by combining loose-fitting and tight clothes with each other. However, there are a few things to keep in mind here. If you have wide shoulders or wide hips, wide clothes can add even more bulk instead of concealment. If you have a wide shoulder, you could wear a loose-fitting top with a lower neckline to put the focus on your décolleté. If you have wide hips and a narrow waist, a tight top will emphasize your waist and a pair of dark jeans will visually narrow your hips. The play between colors and cuts makes it possible to perfect one’s own wonderful body a little bit more and to feel comfortable in one’s own skin.

This was the last part on the blog and hopefully the tips helped you and always know what to wear. Here again all 4 blog posts of the series “What do I wear today?”

There are still so many ways to combine an outfit and colors. Is there something you are particularly interested in? How to combine accessories, how to combine a particular piece of clothing or which shoes to pair with which look?

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