Girlfriend jeans – my favorite denim part I Styleseven

Girlfriend jeans – my favorite denim piece I Styleseven

The fashion motto of the week – your favorite denim part and it took me quite a long time to decide! In the end it became the girlfriend jeans. I love to wear denim and the girlfriend jeans have a few advantages, which is why I choose them as my favorite denim piece. Today on the fashion blog there is my outfit with girlfriend jeans, styling tips, how I prefer to combine them and why every woman should have a girlfriend jeans in her closet!

Styling tips for girlfriend jeans

You can wear girlfriend jeans every day, to the office, to a date or to a girl’s meeting. The jeans can be combined casual and formal and depending on which shoes and tops you choose, you get completely different styles. For the formal look combine heeled shoes with jeans and a chic blazer. In combination with loafers you have a great look for the office.

For a relaxed look I would combine sneakers with girlfriend jeans and in the fall a long wool coat for a casual look. Almost all tops can be combined with girlfriend jeans, but you should always tuck the top into the pants. The girlfriend jeans usually sit quite high and by tucking away the top, the girlfriend jeans flatter every figure.

Why you should have a pair of girlfriend jeans in your closet!

The girlfriend jeans is easy to combine, fits many styles and super comfortable. The girlfriend jeans differs from the boyfriend jeans in its loose but still feminine cut. The straight cut and the high waist make the jeans, thereby you end just above the ankle. It sits a little wider around the hips and the loose leg makes it super comfortable to wear even when walking.

My outfit with my favorite denim part

For my outfit I wear a pair of girlfriend jeans in light wash from Zara. This I combine on warm days preferably with sneakers and a light short jacket. In the fall, I prefer to reach for these combination partners:

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