Individual Advent calendars to give away I

Individual Advent calendars to give away

November is slowly coming to an end and honestly it could still remain a little autumnal. But even if the winter is not my favorite season, it has its advantages. My favorite thing is to give a gift to others – the best way to do this is in the form of an advent calendar. Where a calendar to fill yourself is best! You can refill it as often as you like, it is environmentally friendly and the most personal. I have compiled in 3 categories the most beautiful Advent calendars to give away for you.

DIY and to fill yourself

The best way to make his loved ones a joy is a personally selected gift. With a personalized, self-filled Advent calendar you can show the recipient 24 times how well you know him/her. Now there are a few ideas what you can pack in the individual packages!

Your favorite chocolate, practical little things, beauty products, jewelry, as well as accessories for hobbies, cell phone covers, vouchers, writing utensils (washi tape, personalized pens), small letters with a loving message, handicraft accessories, etc.

Beauty & Perfume

If you want to make a beauty queen or fashionista a joy, then you are with beauty products gold right. If you want to be sure that the products fit the gift person, you can watch unboxing videos on Youtube beforehand. Whereby you should not look at too many, otherwise you might spoil the surprise for yourself.


The classic Advent calendar – a Christmas calendar filled with chocolate or candy. Here you can orientate yourself a little on the taste and age of the person. Some calendars are also so beautifully packaged that you can use them well as decoration.

Are you already fully in the Christmas mood ? Give or receive an advent calendar?

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